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About Us

Meet Brittany: Meet Brittany, the founder and CEO of the Smiley Kylie Foundation. Her goal is to help you #greenup your household and keep your family safe. When she isn't busy as an admin for an epic dental group, she enjoys formulating new products, reading, and exploring with her family.
More About Brittany:
🥄She hates spoons, they gross her out beyond belief.
🥣She will not eat cereal unless its in a cup (with a fork)
🤢 She can handle any smell, bodily fluid, or mess but if she hears someone gag she will lose it
🦄Her favorite animal is a unicorn (and unicorns DO have wings)


Meet Selina: Selina works as a dental assistant by day, raises two of the cutest little dudes in the world, and still makes time for SKF projects by night. She loves to travel, spend time with her HUGGGGEEEEE family, and spend time with her friends. She has been instrumental in the launching and continued promotion of the Smiley Kylie Foundation. Please give her a warm welcome as you see her face around here more often.
More about Selina:
👶🏽She is a bad ass boy mom
👅She can, and does, touch her nose with her tongue
👁️She has the BEST eyebrows
👣Her second toe is longer than her big toe

Meet Jenna: Jenna is an absolute Rockstar. When she isn't busy at work, with SKF, or being a super mom, she loves to explore and go on adventures. She has a loving fiancé, three dogs, and a 9 year old to keep her busy. She is passionate about our mission and puts her heart and soul into spreading our message. Please give her a warm welcome as you see her face around here more often.⁠
More about Jenna:⁠
🤧 She can never sneeze just once⁠
👽She believes Aliens are real, and they are our friends⁠
🍕 Pineapple and banana pepper pizza is her jam⁠
🎧Her music taste goes from pop, to heavy metal, to EDM and everywhere in between⁠